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Automatic robot (Nigiri-Regular-Regular) for the manufacture of the Rice Balls for 
Sushi-Nigiri for the laboratories of manufacture (semi-industrial)

New generation of robots manufactured in Japan, entirely controlled by microprocessor.  1 year of guarantee

1)  Rice is placed in the hopper and passes through the rice brakers and arrive in the mould.
2)  Rice enters the mould and the balls are formed.   
3)  Then, the rice ball is placed out in a 60 positions tray.
The quantity of rice is controlled (15g to 28g) by microprocessor. It is also possible to change the moulds size.
Touch screen with liquid crystals. Maximum capacity of 3' 000 balls of rice/hour.
(It is very important to be able to change the form and the size of the rice balls because the cooking of rice is
not easily reproducible. Cooking varies according to the mark of rice, harvest, ambient moisture etc...)
Many safety switches.

The employee places a tray on the machine, press START and 60 seconds later a plate of 60 balls of rice is ready.
The plate is taken, and the worker place another tray and press START again and so on.

(Sushi Rice Forming Machine)

*    Apparatus available at SUSHI-TOPPING
*    Automatic machine. Easy to use
*    Microprocessor controlled
*    Rice balls like "hand made"
*    Quantity of rice controlled by microprocessor
*    Fast assembling and disassembling
*    Many safety switches
*    Compact machine
*    Easy to clean

Capacity 3' 000 rice balls per hour
Capacity of Hopper 7.5 kg
Rice balls size 15 to 28 G
Dimension 655 (W) X 513 (D) X 723 (H) mm
Weight 38.5 kg
Current 220 V
Power  -  Fuse 120 W  -  1.2 A

Contact  :
Tel.      +41-79-510 89 20
Fax      +41-21 802 30 01

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